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    $ 12.00
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    This incense is beneficial for offering to outside spirits. Two varieties to choose from: Gyal-sMen Sang and Yeshe Walmo
  • Incense - Lama Chodpa Quick View

    Incense - Lama Chodpa

    $ 8.00

    From the product label: Lama Chodpa - The Natural Tibetan Incense This incense is hand prepared traditionally according to the instructions of ancient Tibetan manuscripts. It is made from 31...
  • Menri Incense Menri Incense Quick View

    Menri Incense

    $ 12.00

    **BACK IN STOCK** This incense is handmade by the monks at Menri Monastery in Dolanji, India.  The box reads:  This MENRI Incense was prepared by Bonpo monks at MENRI Bon...

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