Sacred Images

One’s meditative identification with the sacred image and the enlightened qualities it represents serves as a means of assimilating those qualities into one's own experience in the hopes of one day fully realizing them as the enlightened beings did.
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    Half-Face Mask

    Half-Face Mask

    $ 80.00
    $ 100.00
    Quick View

    Half-Face Mask

    $ 80.00 $ 100.00

    In Tibetan culture, masks are very similar to mirrors - as long as you look into them, you will find some of your life experiences. Some people may also keep...
  • Sa Trik Er Sang 19" Statue Quick View

    Sa Trik Er Sang 19" Statue

    $ 5,000.00

    Sa Trik Er Sang is the supreme Mother of Compassion who embodies the quality of boundless universal love. She is an expression of the great Bon Loving Mother Sherab Chamma,...
  • Sherab Chamma Loving Mother 7" Statue Quick View

    Sherab Chamma Loving Mother 7" Statue

    $ 350.00

    Sherab Chamma is the special compassion mother of the Bon (comparable to Tara in Buddhism). She grants us protection from fears and always brings loving kindness to help keep our energy...
  • Sipi Gyalmo - 13" Statue Quick View

    Sipi Gyalmo - 13" Statue

    $ 4,200.00

    Sipi Gyalmo is the highest and most powerful Bön protector deity. She is the Queen of the Universe and is the primordial source of Mother Nature's power.   Sipi Gyalmo's...
  • Ta Pi Hri Tsa Luminous Body Statue - 19" Quick View

    Ta Pi Hri Tsa Luminous Body Statue - 19"

    $ 2,300.00

    19" Statue

    Tapi Hritsa (the “Luminous Boy”), was the first to write down the Six Diamonds Teaching. This foundational Dzogchen teaching guides one in the most effective way to realize self-awareness and attain...
  • Yeshe Walmo 13" Statue Quick View

    Yeshe Walmo 13" Statue

    $ 3,200.00

    The semi-wrathful Bön Divine Mother of the Earth, Yeshe Walmo is the Protector of practitioners of compassion. Her image keeps balance in our environment by removing obstacles resulting from negative...
  • Zambala 9" Statue Quick View

    Zambala 9" Statue

    $ 450.00

    Zambala is the God of Wealth and Prosperity. He perfects the imbalance of the spiritual and the materialist world. Zambala is very important to worship as we seek to strike...

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