One way the knowledge of Bon Sutra, Tantra and Dzogchen is preserved and passed on is through the medium of sacred Tibetan art, such as statues and thangkas. Thangkas may depict peaceful, semi-wrathful & wrathful deities, Yidams (tutelary deities), Sungmas (protector deities), Lamas, and Dakinis, and some may also tell a story. They contain deep symbolism and serve several functions. As teaching tools, they preserve the knowledge and history of the Enlightened Ones, Deities, lineages and important Lamas. The brilliant images and colors in a thangka are treasured as living manifestations of the Nature of Mind and Enlightened consciousness. Most importantly, a thangka is a sacred devotional image, used in ritual, ceremony, and meditation, and can transform knowledge into the actual experience of insight. One can sit in front of a thangka to calm the mind, to offer prayers, recite mantras, or to use as a guide when practicing transforming oneself into a deity. Thangka images inspire visualization, open the heart, and nourish body, speech and mind, by directly expressing the qualities of realization. Bon Lamas and practitioners have used these precious images for over 18,000 years to help them travel the spiritual path of compassion and wisdom.
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  • Thangka - Chamma Quick View

    Thangka - Chamma

    $ 510.00

    The Loving Mother, Thuk Je Chamma, is the special compassion mother of the Bon (comparable to Tara). She grants protection from fears and always brings loving kindness to help keep our energy perfect. ...
  • Thangka - Dren Pa Namkha Quick View

    Thangka - Dren Pa Namkha

    $ 510.00

    Dren Pa Namkha is the 7th century Zhang Zhung Great Master of the Mount Kailash area. He is the father of Lama Tsewang Rigzin and Guru Rinpoche.   Brocade Dimensions: 50"...
  • Thangka - Five Chakras Thangka - Five Chakras Quick View

    Thangka - Five Chakras

    $ 510.00

    This is the mysterious deity of the five elements whose image illustrates the five energy points into our chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in our body that hold the...
  • Thangka - Garuda Thangka - Garuda Quick View

    Thangka - Garuda

    $ 510.00

    The Garuda thangka is of special importance to Red Garuda rituals and practice. Red Garuda is the deity corresponding to Nagas and the spirits.   Dimensions: Brocade: 50" H x...
  • Thangka - Goddess Cham Mo Lam Lha Thangka - Goddess Cham Mo Lam Lha Quick View

    Thangka - Goddess Cham Mo Lam Lha

    $ 510.00

    Cham Mo Lam Lha is a special deity for people seeking smooth travel. She is also special for the travel of the journey of our spiritual life. This image can help...
  • Thangka - Kalpa Sangmo Thangka - Kalpa Sangmo Quick View

    Thangka - Kalpa Sangmo

    $ 510.00

    Kalpa Sangmo is mainly connected to the Bon teachings. She is significant to the Chöd practice of cutting the ego. Her image is very important to become familiar with in order...
  • Thangka - Lhagoe Thokpa Thangka - Lhagoe Thokpa Quick View

    Thangka - Lhagoe Thokpa

    $ 510.00

    LHAGOE THOKPA emerged from the powerful radiance of Tonpa Shenrab’s throat chakra while he was practicing the highest level of Tantra under direct guidance of the Loving Mother Sherab Chamma. The...
  • Thangka - Lum Choe Thangka - Lum Choe Quick View

    Thangka - Lum Choe

    $ 510.00

    Lum Choe is the special Water Spirit Deity who helps balance the water element.    Brocade Dimensions: 50" x 24" Painting Dimension: 21" x 16" Weight 2.5 lbs
  • Thangka - Ma Gyue Sangchok Thangka - Ma Gyue Sangchok Quick View

    Thangka - Ma Gyue Sangchok

    $ 510.00

    Ma Gyue Sangchok is shown in union with his consort, Kha Dro Chema Woe Tso, who evokes his most powerful teachings and energy. He is sky blue in color, with...
  • Thangka - Phurpa Thangka - Phurpa Quick View

    Thangka - Phurpa

    $ 510.00

    Thrinley Phurpa Druksay Chempa: Yi Dham (personal sacred deity) The short name is Phurpa, who appears with three faces and six arms. He is the special protection deity for the...
  • Thangka - Sangye Menlha Medicine Buddha Thangka - Sangye Menlha Medicine Buddha Quick View

    Thangka - Sangye Menlha Medicine Buddha

    $ 510.00

    Sangye Menlha: (Medicine Buddha)- This is the image of Tonpa Shenrab when he transformed into the Medicine Buddha. The Medicine Buddha has eight different styles of Buddhas, and this one...
  • Thangka - Shenlha Woekar Thangka - Shenlha Woekar Quick View

    Thangka - Shenlha Woekar

    $ 510.00

    Shenlha Woe Kar is one emanation of Tonpa Shenrab, in the stage of the perfection of great compassion. He is important for the compassion practitioner, and all the supreme secrets of...
  • Thangka - Sipi Gyalmo Thangka - Sipi Gyalmo Quick View

    Thangka - Sipi Gyalmo

    $ 510.00

    Sipi Gyalmo is the Source of Mother Nature, also called the Queen of the Universe. She is the most dynamic and powerful Bon protector deity. Her action is quick and very...
  • Thangka - Ta Pi Hri Tsa Thangka - Ta Pi Hri Tsa Quick View

    Thangka - Ta Pi Hri Tsa

    $ 510.00

    Tapi Hritsa (the “Luminous Boy”) was the first to write down the Six Diamonds Teaching. This foundational Dzogchen teaching guides one in the most effective way to realize self-awareness and attain...
    Thangka - Thukje Kundrol Thangka - Thukje Kundrol Quick View

    Thangka - Thukje Kundrol

    Out of Stock

    Thukje Kundrol is mainly connected to the Bon teachings. She is a special dakini for long life and good health. Her image is very important to become familiar with in order...
  • Thangka - Tonpa Shenrab Thangka - Tonpa Shenrab Quick View

    Thangka - Tonpa Shenrab

    $ 510.00

    Tonpa Shenrab is the emanation body of a thousand Buddhas. Tonpa Shenrab is acknowledged as the Founder of Bon and of all the Sutra teachings.   Brocade Dimensions: 50" x...
  • Thangka - Tsewang Gya Ghar Ma Thangka - Tsewang Gya Ghar Ma Quick View

    Thangka - Tsewang Gya Ghar Ma

    $ 510.00

    Tsewang Gya Ghar Ma: This 7th century Master is the source of the Bon soul healing study, and a specialist on the soul. All soul healing study is connected with...
  • Thangka - Tsewang Rigzin Thangka - Tsewang Rigzin Quick View

    Thangka - Tsewang Rigzin

    $ 510.00

    Tsewang Rigzin:  This 7th century Master is the source of the Bon soul healing study, and a specialist on the soul. All soul healing study is connected with him. This...
    Thangka - Yeshe Walmo Thangka - Yeshe Walmo Quick View

    Thangka - Yeshe Walmo

    Out of Stock

    Yeshe Walmo is the semi-wrathful Divine Mother of the Earth. She is the protector of the practitioners of compassion. Her image keeps balance by removing obstacles that result from negative actions....
  • Thangka - Zambala Quick View

    Thangka - Zambala

    $ 510.00

    Zambala is the God of Wealth. He perfects the imbalance of spiritual and materialist worlds. Zambala is very important to worship for maintaining equilibrium between these two domains.   Brocade...
  • Thangka Four Elements - Zu Thrul Men Zhi Quick View

    Thangka Four Elements - Zu Thrul Men Zhi

    $ 510.00

    Zu Thrul Men Zhi is the mysterious deity of the four elements. There are number different images for this deity; this one is a manifestation of Sipi Gyalmo. This image...

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