Drum (Nga) Set with Stand, Handle & Stick

$ 330.00

Use of the drum in Bon practice originated in the time of the great master, Tonpa Shenrab. The first drum was called Nga Tong Ri Chempa.

On one occasion, Tonpa Shenrab transformed into Phurpa Duksay Chempa to subdue the demons threatening his brother, Dasha Dril Wa. During this powerful period of meditation and rituals, Tonpa Shenrab collected many different types of skin and used them to build a drum, continually invoking the very highest vibrational sound from the skin as he crafted the instrument. Since this ancient time, dancing with the drum has remained a very sacred ritual for building energy.

These drums are unique in that they have Bon mantras inscribed in the wood around the inside of the drum. Locally-sourced Nepali red wood is used throughout the instrument, and ox skin is stretched on both sides of the drum head to endow it with natural properties beneficial for peaceful practices, enriching practices, empowerment practices and subjugating practices.  

The drums come in several different styles & colors, and all are hand-crafted in Nepal and lovingly painted in the traditional Tibetan style.


Items are sold as a set including the drum, drum stand, beater & handle. 

Drum by itself:  approx. 14" diameter x 6" depth

Drum stand by itself:  ranging from 15.5” - 17" high x 7” - 10” wide

Drum with stand:  approx. 36” high