Journey into Buddhahood

$ 18.95

Journey into Buddhahood: The Five Paths and the Ten Stages of Compassionate Beings

Written by Tempa Dukte Lama

Foreword by H.E. Menri Lopon Rinpoche

Olmo Ling Publications 2013

Paperback 249pp

ISBN 978-0-9835-4562-0

This is the first time that the Bon teachings on the Paths and Stages of compassionate beings are written in English or any other Western language. This book is like the rain coming at the right time and place. It will be of great benefit to all aspiring beings.
- His Eminence Menri Lopon Rinpoche.

The Journey into Buddhahood is the practice of attaining complete awakening. Whether we experience happiness or suffering depends on the way we perceive reality. The basis of our experience is the mind. This recognition motivates us to look for a path that not only offers temporary respite from suffering, but that enables us to completely free ourselves and all beings. When we first have this thought of helping all beings without distinction, we enter the Journey into Buddhahood.

Journey into Buddhahood is a guide to the entire spiritual journey from the initial arising of the mind of awakening to the attaining of complete Buddhahood. Successive chapters guide the reader through the Five Paths and Ten Stages (Bhumis) of Compassionate Beings and the practices and meditations of each Path and Stage. Journey into Buddhahood is a deeply accessible book with many stories and examples that draw the reader in and explain how the path of compassionate beings can be lived in the lives of Western practitioners.

Book size: 8.5"H x 5.5"W x .75"D

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