Mother Of The Universe - So Ma Ma Za Jo - Sipi Gyalmo

$ 15.00

The Mother Of The Universe chant invokes Mother Nature's swift and powerful protection for the universe.

The name of the chant is Sipi Gyalmo (So Ma Ma Za Jo).

How to chant:

Visualize the great Protector Deity Sipi Gyalmo in your mind.

Listen to the Chant and follow the prayer by reading along with the text printed on the cd cover.

Through chanting, you will be touched by the energy of Sipi Gyalmo and moved to action in protecting the universe.

If possible, you can make an offering of tea or wine in a small cup on the shrine to Sipi Gyalmo before beginning the chanting and meditation.


The Mother of the Universe - So Ma Ma Za Jo CD is also available for digital download through the following sites: