Prostration - Dhe War Shek Pa

$ 15.00

The prayer chanted on this Prostration cd is different from the prayer entitled "Prostration" from the Bon Nine Preliminary Practices. The name of this prostration prayer is Kon Zhi Chak which means "calling from afar to your four precious Rinpoche's".

The first Master we call to, our Lama, is an example of a precious jewel. Whatever you wish for from the precious jewel, you will receive. The second Master is precious like the fleeting and exquisite beauty of a rainbow. Our third Master is an example of the very rare daytime star we can only see but occasionally. Our fourth Master is pure like the Lotus flower that grows from the mud but is never soiled.

When you seek the presence of your Lama, this is the special prayer for calling your Lama from afar.  Kon Zhi Chak was written in the 10th century.