Sherab Chamma Poster Card

$ 16.00

Sherab Chamma is the Great Loving Mother, Thuk Je Chamma - She is the special compassion mother of the Bon (similar to Tara). She grants Protection from fears and always brings loving kindness to help keep our energy perfect.   

Keep your deity as close to you as your family photos to stay connected with your daily practice and protect yourself from all obstacles.

The front of the card features a beautiful reproduction of Sherab Chamma as depicted on hand-painted Tibetan thangka The back displays Sherab Chamma's name in Tibetan letters, a description of her characteristics and spiritual qualities, and special mantra for prayer in both English phonetics and Tibetan script.

Material: thick matte card stock
Size: 8.5"H x 6"W
Actual card does not contain watermark displayed on product image