Sil Nyen Bon Bell Dehradun Style

$ 160.00

The Bon bell is a flat bell with sides slightly curved inward. Bon bells under about 8 inches are called Sil Nyen, and bells larger than 8 inches are called Shang. The inside of the Bon bell is inscribed with either the Tibetan Eight Auspicious symbols or the symbols of the four directions: the Yungdrung, Wheel, Lotus and Jewel. In the center of the bell, connecting the handle with the bell lies the lotus design, the symbol of purity. Decending from the lotus is a cord decorated with coral and amber colored beads leading to the clapper, or end piece which strikes the bell. The clapper must be solid in order to sound the bell tone correctly, and is traditionally made from animal horn material to produce a perfect bell sound that is neither strident nor too soft. 

Tibetan Bon rituals and prayers use sound for connecting to the invisible deities. It is believed that only these sounds can wake up and communicate with the invisible deities.

Sil Nyen are good for use in small groups and Shang are well suited for large groups and especially for large group healing. Sil Nyen and Shang should never be left facing down; they must always face up. These are the special bells of the Bon practice tradition.

This is the Dehradun style of Sil Nyen Bon Bell.

Size: 4.5 inches in diameter