Thangka - Ma Gyue Sangchok

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Ma Gyue Sangchok is shown in union with his consort, Kha Dro Chema Woe Tso, who evokes his most powerful teachings and energy. He is sky blue in color, with 7 faces and 16 arms- the 8 right hands holding skulls filled with evil brains, the 8 left hands holding skulls filled with doubting minds and negative karma. The image on this Thangka is of this principal emanation of Sang Chok Gyal Po and Kha Dro Chema Woe Tso.


Connecting with Sang Chok Gyal Po and Kha Dro Chema Woe Tso assists the practitioner in attaining a deep understanding of these six yogas. This is a profound teaching in the Bon feminine lineage. Practitioners should use this image and mantra to uphold this energy and connect to the whole teaching. The mantra should be recited 50 times per day.

There are manifestations of Sang Chok Gyal Po and Kha Dro Chema Woe Tso:

with the 6 Dakinis of the 6 Lokas teaching:


  1. Phenpa Lam Cher (Transforming yoga)          Dakini Tharpi Lam Dren Ma
  2. Mi Wa Lam Cher   (Dreaming yoga)               Dakini Gyuma Chenmo Ma
  3. Thap Chok Lam Cher (Breathing yoga)         Dakini Dek Gyed Dolma
  4. Nyen Sa Lam Cher (Transferring yoga)          Dakini Tsok Dak Ma
  5. Chi Wa Lam Cher (Dying yoga)                      Dakini Bar Dho Dhu Dhul
  6. Nyi Pa Lam Cher (Sleeping yoga)                  Dakini Sal Gye Doe Dral Ma



Brocade Dimensions: 50" x 24"

Painting Dimension: 21" x 16"

Weight: 2.5 lbs