Two-Faced Damaru Drum

$ 180.00

The Damaru is the two-faced Tibetan drum.

During their training, many lamas in Tibet deeply explore the concept of fear. Fearlessness is not easy to recognize. The lama goes to a sensitive energy area to deal with fears and struggle to release them.

The two-faced drum is the symbol of the two faces of living and dying, and through drumming we find out what our life is. These drums are used in rituals for singing with the Dakini during the Chöd practice (cutting fears), a very high teaching about light.

The drums are built by Tibetan people living in Nepal. The middle of the drum is made from red wood, and the two faces are made from colored goat skin leather. Bon Mantras are written all around the inside of the drum.  

Always keep this drum in a warm area. Sometimes in rainy weather it can become a little dull – warming it up a little by rubbing it with your hand is enough to bring the sound back. 

Comes with a cloth protective case

Size: 10.5 inches in diameter width x 4.5" depth