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  • Dhatar Ritual Arrow Quick View

    Dhatar Ritual Arrow

    $ 75.00

    *Back in stock* Ritual arrow with the five colors and Melong used in Tibetan Bon Tse Dup Yang Bod healing practice.
  • Kangling Trumpet Quick View

    Kangling Trumpet

    $ 195.00

    The Tibetan kangling, or trumpet, has a very unique sound which has the power to balance negative energy and awaken all demons, ghosts, vampires, destructive forces, and negative thoughts. Historically, the...
  • Large Phonya Mask Quick View

    Large Phonya Mask

    $ 150.00

    This mask symbolizes the Phonya deities who aid us during our passing and after death to rejoin into a new life. During Tibetan bardo time, there are many fears and...
    Mandala Offering Set

    Mandala Offering Set

    from $ 75.00 - $ 99.00
    Quick View

    Mandala Offering Set

    Out of Stock

    The mandala image is composed of three layers that symbolize the three universes, and the top level represents the jewel.  With thanks and gratitude we offer the three universes the...
    Treasure Box Treasure Box Quick View

    Treasure Box

    Out of Stock

    Mini keepsake box good for storing mendup or blessing item. Made in Nepal. Keep your soul stone in this special box.
  • Two-Faced Damaru Drum Quick View

    Two-Faced Damaru Drum

    $ 180.00

    The Damaru is the two-faced Tibetan drum. During their training, many lamas in Tibet deeply explore the concept of fear. Fearlessness is not easy to recognize. The lama goes to a...
    Water Blessing Vase Water Blessing Vase Quick View

    Water Blessing Vase

    Out of Stock